Fury Road to kickstart “a whole new generation of Mad Max” films

The new movie starring Tom Hardy is the first of a franchise, confirms cameraman Diogo Domingues

Hold on to your popcorn, George Miller’s belly-flipping Mad Max: Fury Road is now showing in cinemas across the country, thirty years after the original trio of post-apocalyptic car chase movies concluded.


With rave reviews across the board, it will come as no surprise that more could be on the cards but one man who worked on the film has even gone so far as to say we can expect “a whole new generation of Mad Max”.

“This is the first one and there’s definitely another two to come,” assistant cameraman Diogo Domingues tells RadioTimes.com, confirming that original director George Miller is back in it again for the long haul, “making a whole new generation of Mad Max.”

Domingues explains that filming on location in Namibia was as thrilling as watching the stunts being created, and involved among other things dodging poisonous reptiles.

“We had a lot of nature conservationists on set to remove snakes,” he explains, “we had salamander snakes and black adders – both venomous. If you got bitten by them you’d be pretty unlucky. One guy got bitten, but we had a very well equipped medical team. I had an instance when I was a few metres away from an adder.”

Like the three movies that came before it, starring Mel Gibson, Mad Max: Fury Road is set in a chaotic post-apocalyptic world where cars are king – think Tank Girl meets Fast & Furious – as rebels fight for survival in a waterless desert.


Mad Max: Fury Road is in UK cinemas from Friday 15th May