Freeview film of the day: White House Down

It falls to Channing Tatum to save the president when terrorists attack, but POTUS (Jamie Foxx) discovers he has a few tough tricks up his own sleeve


White House Down ★★★ 
9.00-11.40pm ITV2


We waited for one White House hostage thriller and two came along in 2013: Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen had Gerard Butler’s secret serviceman protecting Aaron Eckhart’s president; Roland Emmerich’s White House Down had Channing Tatum’s police officer protecting Jamie Foxx’s funky, Obama-channelling POTUS. Where the former was dark, leaden and brutal, the latter has a greater sense of camp excess and more jokes. Jason Clarke makes a nasty baddie, Nicolas Wright is hilarious as a highly strung tour guide and there’s a knockout car chase on the White House lawn. It’s daft and essentially harmless – unlike the current nail-biter playing out there.


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