Freeview film of the day Tuesday 19 September: The Equalizer

Denzel Washington reunites with his Training Day director for a violent action reboot of the Edward Woodward TV series


The Equalizer  ★★★ 
9.00-11.40pm 5STAR


Edward Woodward fans may fondly recall The Equalizer, his US crime series of the late 1980s, but you can approach this slick 2014 upgrade with no prior knowledge of his character. Robert McCall, a retired, widowed black ops agent works off the grid at a Boston DIY store and now looks like Denzel Washington. “Old man’s gotta be the old man, fish has gotta be the fish,” he philosophises in a diner to Chloe Grace Moretz’s sharp teen prostitute, forging a bond that drives the plot when the Russian mafia enter. A high-octane vigilante ballet from Antoine Fuqua (who also steered Denzel to Oscar glory in Training Day), its scenes of violence are exquisitely staged in vari-speed, and a cueball- headed Washington exudes righteous cool while agents Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman, also retired, feed him intel. It may also give you some DIY ideas. Andrew Collins


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