Freeview film of the day: Trainspotting

Choose drugs or life . . . or more drugs? It's a tough choice for Ewan McGregor in Danny Boyle's groundbreaking film.


Trainspotting ★★★★★ 
11.20pm-1.25am Film4


The British Film Institute reckons this is the 10th best British film ever made and it is indeed a cracking good movie, directed by Danny Boyle, a dark comedy drama that is very funny and quite horrifying. Ewan McGregor leads a bunch of heroin addicts in economically depressed Edinburgh in the 1980s, his closest friends being Jonny Lee Miller and Ewen Bremner. Also in their group is Robert Carlyle, a non-addict but violent psychotic. The storyline deals largely with the junkies’ – especially McGregor’s – attempts to clean up their act, both in Edinburgh and London, and in so doing shows the drastic and, in one lavatory scene, comically disgusting effects of a heroin high. It’s a superbly made film, which established the careers of Boyle and McGregor and gave a screen debut to Kelly Macdonald. The sequel, T2 Trainspotting, recently opened in cinemas.


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