Freeview film of the day: Reach for the Sky

Battle of Britain hero Douglas Bader is brought to life with indomitable grit by Kenneth More in a gripping war movie


Reach for the Sky ★★★★ 
7.00-9.30pm Talking Pictures TV 


Douglas Bader epitomised the bulldog and the Dunkirk spirit. He wouldn’t admit defeat. Even after losing both legs in an air crash, he talked his way back into the RAF and fought in the Battle of Britain. Later, shot down and captured over France, he attempted to escape so often that the Germans took his prosthetic legs away. I met him once at a literary lunch where the audience wanted me to stand up, speak up, shut up and get out so it could worship Bader. Kenneth More’s fine performance here shows why, as it captures both the charm of the man and his indomitable grit.


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