Freeview film of the day: GI Joe: the Rise of Cobra

Channing Tatum and high-tech tooled-up pals take on an evil baroness and a dodgy Scottish arms dealer.


GI Joe: the Rise of Cobra ★★★★ 
11.05pm-1.10am C5


A noisy, full-on affair from Mummy director Stephen Sommers that’s either the height of CGI-assisted sci-fi-tainment or a sad reflection of how dumb such machine-tooled, committee- made blockbusters can be. GI Joe’s $170 million budget live-action debut (green-lit in the wake of Transformers) revolves around the not-uninteresting nightmare of nanotech weaponry, with goodies – Channing Tatum, Ray Park and internationally themed pals, holed up in an underground base – taking on Sienna Miller’s evil Baroness and Christopher Eccleston’s randomly Scottish arms dealer. Endless skirmishes ensue, and an inevitable sequel, Retaliation, followed in 2013. A third film is promised or threatened, depending on your taste.


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