Films on TV Today, Sunday 8 July

Today's picks include Zathura: a Space Adventure, Ghostbusters, Amadeus: Director's Cut, Children of Men, Three Kings and Les Diaboliques

Zathura: a Space Adventure – 4:05pm, Channel 5


A space-themed Jumanji – two brothers realise playing with a dusty board game isn’t as simple as it sounds when they find themselves fighting with aliens in an outer-world experience. 

Ghostbusters – 6:00pm, Channel 5

Three eccentric university professors start a ghost removal service, taking on Manhattan’s paranormal activity when their grant is withdrawn. They soon realise the burgeoning market for “ghosbusters” in New York City and win notoriety for their efforts. 

Amadeus: Director’s Cut – 9:00pm, BBC4

The winner of eight Oscars, this biographical drama observes the lives of Wolfgang Mozart and Antonio Salieri – Salieri tries to poison Mozart and destroy his reputation whilst masquerading as his friend.

Children of Men – 10:45pm, ITV1

In 2027, England has become infertile and on the tip of collapse as illegal immigrants override the nation. Adapted from PD James’ apocalyptic book, the film follows pregnant Julian Taylor (Julianne Moore), a ray of hope in a nation facing extinction.

Three Kings – 11:00pm, ITV2

Following the end of the Persian Gulf War, four soldiers set out to retrieve gold that was stolen from Kuwait after finding a map detailing Saddam Hussein’s secret bunkers.

Les Diaboliques – 11:15pm, Cinemoi on Sky


This French black and white horror film focuses on a women and her husband’s mistress who together plot to kill the philanderer. However, the body vanishes and evidence of his presence returns to haunt them.