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Fast & Furious 6, Spider, Role Models, Drive, Alleluia: films on TV today

Fast cars, slow-burning psycho-drama and arrested development: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today

Published: Friday, 15th January 2016 at 11:01 pm

PREMIERE Fast & Furious 6 ★★
9.00-11.40pm C4


Last year’s Fast & Furious 7 was a return to form for the technically proficient, generally likeably unapologetic street-racing brand, and the highest grossing in the franchise. Number 6, released in 2013, was prone to stalling. Transporting cars and repertory cast to an unrecognisably traffic-free London for another round of tyre-squealing chases and overuse of the phrase, “I got this,” it tempts Vin Diesel’s simian ex-con and Paul Walker’s blue-eyed ex-cop and new father out of retirement for “one last job”. Dwayne Johnson’s wardrobe-like Fed, who enlivened Fast Five so deserved more screen time, feels shoehorned in, while Diesel’s low-rumbling platitudes about “family” and “the code” are barely audible, and Welshman Luke Evans’s ex-SAS baddie lacks boo-hiss villainy. Though the larky pit-stop banter does fall clangingly flat, there is a top-notch set piece to draw fans in — a preposterously inventive, witty daylight tank chase on a Spanish flyover — and it’s worth the time just for that. Blink and you’ll miss Rita Ora’s cameo.

Spider ★★★★
12.45-2.20am BBC2

Ralph Fiennes is caught in a very stick web of warped memories and murderous compulsion in David Cronenberg's disturbing psycho-drama.

Role Models ★★★★
9.00-11.00pm E4

A community service sentence following a car crash sees Paul Rudd mentoring a group of antisocial youngsters. Expect life lessons – and big laughs – all round.

Drive ★★★★
9.30-11.05pm BBC3

An intense ride with a brooding Ryan Gosling in the driver's seat and director Nicolas Winding Refn pressing emotional buttons. Carey Mulligan co-stars.

Alleluia ★★★★
PREMIERE 11.10pm-1.00am Film4

This contemporary tale of an internet conman and the woman who becomes his partner in crime is actually inspired by a real killing spree in the 1940s.


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