Doctor Strange’s soundtrack is a cross between Sherlock and Pink Floyd

Give it a listen


Here’s a fan theory for you: play this at the same time as Sherlock – A Study in Pink and they’ll sync up perfectly.


To be honest we weren’t expecting much from the Doctor Strange soundtrack, perhaps unfairly. Marvel movies don’t have the best track record when it comes to memorable music. But composer Michael Giacchino has pulled off something pretty special here.

‘The Master of the Mystic’ blends Benedict Cumberbatch’s backing band Pink Floyd and the theme from Sherlock to create something we’ve now listened to about 20 times. It’s perfect for Marvel’s most phanstamagoric hero, and actually makes us more excited for the film itself.

Stick it on vinyl and throw in a lava lamp and the retro vibe will be complete.


The Doctor Strange soundtrack will be released October 21st. Doctor Strange is out in UK theatres October 25th.