Andrew Scott, Michael Sheen and Matthew Rhys to star in Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad's literary classic will be adapted as an animated movie

Heart of Darkness stars

Andrew Scott, Michael Sheen and Matthew Rhys will lend their voices to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness in a brand-new animated movie adaptation of the chilling classic.


Conrad’s original 1899 novella features a character called Charles Marlow, who tells the story of his voyage as an idealistic seaman up the Congo River into the “heart of Africa” and his obsession with the mysterious ivory trader, Kurtz. The tense story raises questions about imperialism and racism.

Sheen is set to voice Kurtz, while Scott is lined up as the Russian sailor nicknamed Harlequin. Rhys will play a relative of Marlow’s who he meets on the journey, and the main part of Marlow is yet to be cast.

The most famous adaptation of the novel is Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 movie, Apocalypse Now, which moves the action from the Congo to Vietnam and stars Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando. Previous adaptations over the years include a TV drama starring Eartha Kitt, a 1993 movie with Tim Roth and John Malkovich, and the video game Far Cry 2 which is loosely based on the story.

This will be the first animated film version of Heart of Darkness.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, the feature film will be directed by Gerald Conn and use an “animation technique he specialises in, using sand.”

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