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8 bonkers Star Wars products you can (and should) buy

Mark Hamill got our Star Wars shopping juices going - we think you'll want to add plenty of these to your wishlist...

Published: Friday, 15th July 2016 at 1:37 pm

Actor Mark Hamill has been tweeting out some fun ideas for Star Wars items fans may want to buy (Death Star cookie jar and the like) and it got us keen to find the most bizarre - but brilliant - Star Wars inspired goodies on the internet.


After much (enjoyable) browsing, we think these should be on many a fans' Star Wars list. We stopped at 8, because, well, obviously...

OK so £59.99 is a lot of money, so you'd have to wear this outfit to every single fancy dress party you ever go to again. But no one's going to care, right? It's also basically a ready-made sleeping bag, which is an added bonus.

What could be more calming than R2-D2? Well, as long as these don't beep mid-Downward Dog or something. Hopefully they're based on his silent 'I'm missing Luke' phase.

Why not bathe in the tears of Darth Vader? Humming the Imperial March all the while you do is completely optional an absolute must.

If these aren't a conversation then we don't know what would be. Floral, funky, fabulous. Time to crack open the piggy bank.

Not the cuddliest of characters in the actual film, granted, but this just looks too good to pass up on, right? Here's hoping that if we all buy enough for the little 'uns they'll realise us grown-ups want them, too.

Why? Because it's a fluffy Chewbacca can cooler.

When it comes to love, Yoda help you he can. It's personalised too, so they'll know you didn't just grab it at the petrol station.


Who cares what you're drinking if you've got one of these plopped in there? Well, unless it's tea or coffee or something. But you know what we mean. Death Star-shaped ice cube equals one pimped up icy beverage.


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