Big, one of the many films that earned Tom Hanks an Oscar nomination, is set to be remade as a TV series on Fox.


In this 1988 hit, Hanks played Josh, a young boy who makes a wish to coin-operated fortune teller Zoltar and suddenly find himself stuck inside a grown man’s body, attempting to get his head around a job, romance, canapés...

The series will explore this theme of blurred lines between what it means to be an adult and a child in the modern world, reports the Hollywood Reporter, detailing it as “an ongoing series with a cable model episode count”, which usually means around 10 to 13 episodes.

A film being re-imagined as a TV series isn’t a new concept but certainly seems to be popular among broadcasters at the moment. A Minority Report series is also on the way from Fox, while Martin Freeman’s Fargo was a recent hit for Channel 4, following in the snowy footsteps of the Coen Brothers' movie. And single-camera series About a Boy, the second adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel after the big-screen version, has been renewed for a second season by NBC.

While the Big (if it's indeed called that) series will need to work as a standalone project, likely to be loosely based on the original, it definitely doesn’t need to shy away from re-imagining a few of these classic moments from the film…

The red-eyed stare of Zoltar

Surely someone hung on to this prop? Wheel him out for a not-so-instant action replay.

A first (and last) taste of Beluga caviar

That piano moment

Altogether now... dum, dum, dummmm, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, daaaaa....

Misunderstanding a sleepover with a woman

With the "I get to be on top" line for added awkwardness

Plus a lot of playing with toys


Maybe even a few episodes just dedicated to this moment