Will there be another Halloween film?

As the new sequel/reboot reaches new heights at the box office, we ask star Jamie Lee Curtis about the chances for another return to the world of Michael Myers

Michael Myers in Halloween (2018, Universal)

It’s fair to say that the new sequel/reboot for the Halloween franchise has been a big hit, with the recently-released slasher movie (which ignores every film in the Halloween franchise except the 1978 original) breaking box-office records and attracting critical acclaim.


All this success has us wondering – could Halloween just be the start of the franchise’s resurgence? In other words, does Jamie Lee Curtis think a sequel is in the offing for Laurie Strode and masked killer Michael Myers?

“You know honestly, I don’t think that way,” Curtis told RadioTimes.com when we put the question to her.

“I think that I had a great creative experience with [director] David Gordon Green. This was fantastic – the movie is terrifying. It satisfies an audience. I’ve seen it with 1,500 people in a theatre and they went bananas. It was fantastic!

“So in that sense, I’m very happy. But what the future holds? I don’t know.”

And to be fair to Curtis, the prospect of a Halloween sequel is daunting, if only because we’d have no idea what to call it. We’d say Halloween 2, but THIS film (as a sequel to the original Halloween) is technically Halloween 2 – not to be confused with the other two Halloween Twos which followed the original 1978 movie AND the noughties remake respectively.

Adding in the other sequels we suppose you could consider this film both Halloween 9 and Halloween 11, depending on your outlook, so maybe the next one could be H10? Not to be confused with H20, aka Halloween 7, which was released in 1998, of course.

Yep, this franchise is confusing – but despite all the overlapping, contradictory reboots and sequels, Jamie Lee Curtis was still happy to rejoin Halloween thanks to the passion of writer/director David Gordon Green.

“I made Halloween 1 and 2 because I was Laurie Strode,” Curtis told us. “Then I didn’t make another Halloween movie for 20 years, then I made H20. Because it was 20 years!

“And then I had to be in the next one because of what happened at the end of H20. Which I would not have allowed to go unanswered.

“And then the phone rang a year ago, and David Gordon Green said he was directing a new Halloween that he had written, and it was about generational trauma, about Laurie Strode and her daughter and granddaughter. And would I like to come play in the sandbox?”

Curtis said yes and the rest was horror – and box office – history. Even if it does make writing about this series even more confusing…


Halloween (the new one, not the original, or the 2007 reboot) is in UK cinemas now