2012 ★★★
10.00pm-1.10am 5STAR


Having terrorised the planet with alien invasion in Independence Day, and an ice age in The Day after Tomorrow, writer/director Roland Emmerich turned to the cataclysmic predictions of the Mayan calendar to give Earth another pounding. Best to let the science bit wash over you — solar flare, neutrinos, stuff getting really hot — and enjoy the ride, as world leaders gather to enact a lottery-based planetary exodus and individuals play out their own stories in classic disaster-movie style. John Cusack’s limo driver, ex-wife Amanda Peet and her plastic-surgeon boyfriend Tom McCarthy have kids to protect from the coming apocalypse and their flight takes them from an LA soon to be sucked into the bowels of the Earth to Yellowstone Park, where conspiracy theorist Woody Harrelson awaits doom with a told-you-so smugness. It’s big, loud, overstated and thoroughly entertaining, with box-ticking pets in peril and the audacity to work Poseidon Adventure-style aquatic peril into a terrestrial catastrophe.

A Cry in the Dark ★★★★
6.40-9.00pm Movie Mix

A dingo took her baby — well, that's what Meryl Streep reckons in a true-life drama about an Australian woman who becomes the focus of public scrutiny after her child goes missing.

White House Down ★★★
9.00-11.45pm ITV2

Big pecs and big explosions pretty much sums up this escapade from Roland “2012” Emmerich. Channing Tatum finds it necessary to strip down to his vest to save President Jamie Foxx from terrorists.

The Prophecy ★★★
9.00-10.55pm Movie Mix

The classic battle of Good vs Evil is played out by Christopher Walken, Eric Stoltz and Elias Koteas in a philosophising, metaphysical thriller. Hmm…

Trainspotting ★★★★★
10.45pm-12.40am Film4

Released 20 years ago today and we're still reeling from this gleefully dark tale of happy-go-lucky Edinburgh junkies starring Ewan McGregor. Warning: contains a very dirty toilet.


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