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10 top Hollywood pairings

Oscar-nominated actors Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio are making waves as the hippest Hollywood duo. They're not the only ones. Check out these recurring co-stars...

Published: Wednesday, 5th February 2014 at 10:27 am

There’s excitement in Hollywood today as news emerges that Oscar-nominated actors Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio are pairing up for their third film.


Fresh from the success of The Wolf of Wall Street and Django Unchained, the two actors are set to team up again for a film based on the 1996 bombing at the Atlanta Olympics. All they need to do now is throw in a pair of matching Academy Awards at the Oscars later this year.

But the DiCaprio/Hill on-screen partnership isn’t the only one that seems to tick the right boxes for movie goers. Check out these familiar pairings…

Brad Pitt and George Clooney

As well as three Ocean’s films, Brad Pitt and George Clooney both starred in Burn After Reading in 2008. Plus Pitt joined the cast of 2002’s Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which Clooney directed.

Back in the director’s chair for World War Two film The Monuments Men, Clooney is doubling up with another familiar face from the Ocean’s franchise, Matt Damon. Clooney jokes to MovieFanatic, “We couldn’t get Brad, so we got Matt.”

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

Speaking of Matt Damon, he’s got his very own double act going on with real-life friend Ben Affleck. They should probably have one of those clever mixed-up names. Affmon? Daleck…? Their acting CVs share hits Good Will Hunting in 1997, 1999’s Dogma and School Ties in 1992. They both star in Chasing Amy in 1997 and Damon pops up as an uncredited star in Affleck’s The Third Wheel (2002). Throw in Glory Daze in 1995 and a double hit in Field of Dreams as a pair of uncredited baseball fans… need I go on? This clip contains swearing.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan sure know how to work an onscreen romance. They’ve teamed up for three films. Joe Versus the Volcano kicked things off in 1990. Joe wants to throw himself in a volcano after learning he’s dying, before finding love is something to live for. Usual stuff. Then they were back together for critically acclaimed hits You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle in which both films see them find true love against the odds. The sort that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

In the blink of an eye Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have become quite the formidable on-screen pairing. Lawrence dazzled her way to an Oscar for her role in the pair’s 2012 hit Silver Linings Playbook and they’re both up for gongs for 2013’s gangster hit American Hustle. There’s not long to wait for more from the two Hollywood hotties either. The duo are taking on the role of the Pembertons in Serena, a film described as a Depression-era drama, which is set for release at the end of the year.

Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm

In 2011 Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm swapped from late-night romps in Bridesmaids to fraught rows and parenthood in Friends with Kids. A rather fitting flow of stories as it goes. Perhaps a ‘the kids are 18 we’re going on a road trip’ style film will be next for the pair. Watch this space.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

Another rather fitting pairing comes in the match up of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in both Pretty Woman (1990) and Runaway Bride (1999). They meet and fall in love in the first, get married in the other. After meeting and falling in love again. Anyway, you get the idea. A pairing made for the romcom hall of fame.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn

The comedic coupling of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn has brought us 2005’s classic hit Wedding Crashers. Just last year they fronted Google-themed film The Internship and in 2004 they both appeared in the remake of cop hit Starsky & Hutch. Vaughn also had an uncredited part in 2001 cult hit Zoolander and has even starred alongside Owen’s brother Luke Wilson in Old School (2003).

Woody Allen and Diane Keaton

Woody Allen and Diane Keaton sure seemed to be a hit formula not to be messed with. While the pair had a brief romance in 1970, their on-screen work stretched for many years. The Sleeper (1973), Love and Death (1975), Annie Hall (1977), Manhattan (1979) and Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) all feature both, earning a raft of awards for the pair. Their Broadway hit Play It Again, Sam was also remade into a film. Woody Allen can also be linked to Mia Farrow, who starred in thirteen of his films, beginning with A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy.

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman

Miss Aniston and Jason Bateman co-star in three top-notch comedies The Break-Up (2006), The Switch (2010) and Horrible Bosses (2011). Given Bateman’s character is helping to kill her in one film and secretly impregnates her with sperm in another, these aren’t making their way into the fairytale category anytime soon. But a brilliant pairing all the same. More please?

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves


First they’re speeding along in, well, Speed and then they’re getting rather mushy and romantic in The Lake House. Diverse? You betcha. Bullock’s gone and got herself an Oscar nom for starring opposite George Clooney in Gravity, but perhaps they’ll get back to it one day. A horror next perhaps?


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