10 hidden Disney Easter Eggs you can only see if you press pause

Secrets from the worlds of Toy Story, Inside Out and A Bug's Life among others that you might have missed...


Disney and Pixar have become known for their habit of hiding ingenious Easter eggs within their animated films, from hints at movies to come and hilarious adult jokes to callbacks to their greatest hits. 


Most such secrets are now well-documented, but a new video from Screen Rant lifts the lid on some of the hardest-to-spot Easter eggs of all – the ones that you can’t even see when watching the films normally, and require the judicious use of the pause button to be noticed.

Such little references include nods to the critter characters from a TV show in Toy Story 2 cropping up in Monsters Inc, little birds from a Pixar short appearing in the background of Inside Out and a side character from Finding Nemo cropping up on a corkboard in sequel Finding Dory. Yup, these are brilliantly obscure.


Still, it’s good to know that these films are still yielding secrets – assuming you have the time or inclination to go through them frame-by-frame, of course…