10 famous actors and A-listers secretly hidden in your favourite movies

Sure, you know Daniel Craig was a stormtrooper but were you aware of these secret cameos from Brad Pitt, Chris Martin and Cameron Diaz?


When films have cast a major star, they usually shout about it. On posters, in trailers – if there’s an A-lister in sight, you can guarantee you’ll hear about it. But there are exceptions – a handful of famous films with top secret cameos you probably didn’t spot the first time around. And, even better, they’re often in-jokes – a little nod to filmmakers (and  observant film buffs) that make the viewing experience that extra bit better.


Take Danny Glover, for example. 1994 film Maverick featured his Lethal Weapon co-star Mel Gibson who led the cast opposite Jodie Foster and James Garner – but you probably didn’t recognise Glover from his brief appearance as a bank robber. He even utters his famous Lethal Weapon catchphrase “I’m too old for this s**t”.

Glover is just one of a number of absurdly famous faces to grace our screens unannounced. Sure, you probably know about Daniel Craig’s covert turn as a stormtrooper in The Force Awakens, but did you know Brad Pitt and Matt Damon played mute dating contestants in George Clooney’s directorial debut Confessions of a Dangerous Mind? Or that Tim Burton played dead in a coffin in Danny DeVito’s Hoffa?


Bet you didn’t.