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The Wolf's Daughter

  • Drama
  • 1914
  • Leon De La Mothe


Edward Clark, under the name of John Bright, is posing as an oil and mining stock broker in an eastern city. Clark is a clever swindler. His misuse of the mails attracts the notice of the U.S. Secret Service. Two detectives are sent to arrest Clark, but the latter cleverly slips through the net and boards a train for the west. Clark lands in a western city, where his daughter Dora is in a convent. The girl, left motherless at an early age. Has since lived and studied in the cloister. She knows nothing of her father's knavery, supposing him to he a prominent financier. In the same city live the Right Rev. James Nolan, a Catholic bishop, and his nephew, Clarence Nolan, a lad just twenty-one years old. Clarence is in love with both Dora Clark and Effie Ryan, the latter a daughter of an attorney, but the boy cannot decide which girl he loves the better. On the day of Clark's arrival Clarence, being of age, is given control of $50,000 left him from his dead father's estate. Clark, entering the city under his own name, takes Dora from the convent and they settle in a small apartment. Clark learns of Clarence's small fortune and that his daughter knows the boy well. He expresses a wish to meet the young man, and Dora, delighted, introduces her father to the bishop, Ryan and Clarence. After a short and pleasant acquaintance, Clark induces Clarence to become a partner with him (Clark) in a gilt-edged investment company, the boy to use his $50,000 as part of the capital. Clarence assents, using the name of the bishop's nephew in circulars proves a fine bait and many depositors leave their money in Clarence and Clark's office. Clarence handles all the money. Two weeks pass and Clarence decides he will ask Effie to marry him. Dora accidentally witnesses the proposal and returns to her apartment broken-hearted. At the same time Clark performs his usual stunt of rifling the company's safe, and, getting the crushed Dora, he takes her for a ride in the country in an auto. Next morning the embezzlement is discovered. A wild mob attacks Clarence. He seeks and finds refuge in the cathedral, where his uncle is saying mass. Meanwhile Dora is horrified when, far out in the country, she discovers that her father has swindled Clarence. The girl gives her father the slip and drives back to the city with the money, which she returns to Clarence. Later Clark is arrested in the east and Dora finds peace in the convent as a nun.

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Edward Clark - the WolfLee Shumway
Dora Clark - Edward's DaughterVelma Whitman
Clarence NolanGeorge Routh
Clarence's UncleMelvin Mayo


DirectorLeon De La Mothe
WriterWill M. Ritchey
ProducerSiegmund Lubin


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