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A Christmas Letter

  • Drama
  • 1910


It is Christmas Eve, and in a crowded, well-lit street, stands a ragged little child trying to attract the attention of the passers-by to her wares. But everybody is too busy about their own affairs. At last, tired out, the little one creeps away to her widowed mother lying on the bed of sickness and her baby sister. There is neither food nor fire in the place, nor the wherewithal to purchase any. The child, full of a sense of responsibility, casts about for some means of obtaining help. She conceives the notion of writing to Santa Claus for aid, and at once writes a little note, and takes it to post. The post box is too high for her to reach, and a lady passing by comes to her assistance. Catching sight of the address, "To Santa Claus, Heaven," her interest and curiosity are aroused, and she withholds the letter from the post unknown to the child. When the little one has gone she opens and rends the note: "Dear Santa Claus, Please come to us as mother is very ill and can't work and my business has not been good." The lady hurries home after reading the letter, and relates the incident to her sisters. Food, warm clothing, and money to buy other necessaries are soon got ready by willing hands, and sent to the destitute family. Before the film closes it is evident that better days are in store for the poor mother and child.

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