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  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • 2005
  • Adrian Bol
  • 93 mins


'Castingx' is a psycho chiller-thriller. A dark journey into voyeurism, seduction and revenge. An unusual love story where reality and fiction merge in a deathly blur. Steven is a loner. He has a job in a shabby gasoline station on the border between the civilized world and the wastelands of a forbidding desert. Bored and restless, he indulges in fantasies about movies, dreaming to be a famous film director himself. When occasionally a woman stops at the pumps, he secretly puts her on tape, using the security camera. Actually he is casting. The only one who seems to believe in Steven's ambitions is Tony, the assistant of his father, who owns the petrol station. Steven's father Charly is most of the time engaged in the production of cheap porn movies. He treats his son with cruel contempt, since the death of Steven's mother, years ago. Steven never stopped missing his mom. He visits her grave almost every day, even asking her advice about his first feature film. Then, one day, Helena arrives. She plans an exhibition of her paintings in a nearby dilapidated, deserted hotel. Steven is totally intrigued, if not obsessed by her. He stalks her with his camera, but she doesn't need to mind. Actually she encourages him to visit her and to learn more about her paintings. Steven falls in love. Little does he realize that the more he becomes involved with this mysterious beauty, the more he will discover that his past has been a deception. When the postman delivers an old videotape, showing Helena's casting as a porn actress for his father, Steven starts to live on the edge. Tony suggests that they take Charly's money and run, and also Helena tries to involve him in a plot to rob his father. Steven has to face the truth about himself, his father and his mother's death. Violence is the only way out...

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Sandy walshMiriam Lucia
PostmanJoaquín Martínez
CharlyJohnny Melville
FishHugo Metsers
TonyLars Oostveen
StevenKlemens Patijn
HelenaEllen Ten Damme


DirectorAdrian Bol
WriterJohnny Melville
WriterHugo Metsers
ProducerEdvard van 't Wout
EditorPim Verhoef



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