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Captured by You

  • Action
  • Drama
  • 2003
  • Sangeeth Sivan
  • 143 mins
  • 12


A beautiful, captive young woman name Tina Khanna and her friends Riya, and Coco, based in India, are invited to a wedding in Bangkok, Thailand. All three travel to Bangkok to attend the wedding. On residing there, one day on a mishap Tina manages to reach up with super-star Vijay Chouhan and after a couple of ups and downs both fell in love with each other. Then Tina finds out that her Uncle Tony has been killed in an accident. She is given his belongings, and there after thrust into a nightmare by a gang of people who is terrorizing her for a 100 million that was said to her uncle's money but was passed onto her after her uncle's death. These people will stop at nothing but to get that 100 million and so they keep on threatening her with death if she does not pay up that 100 million. This is too much to take for Tina and she turns to Vijay for help, only to find out that he is Prakash Yogi, the brother of a criminal who belonged to the same gang as Tony, who were successful in robbing an armoured vehicle in India, three years ago. The only person who can now help Tina is in the Indian Embassy, Deepak Chopra, but he too has an ulterior motive. Vijay however manages to convince Tina that Deepak Chopra is not what he claims to be but a fraud and that he himself is Prakash Yogi. But Tina disbelieves this and headed towards Deepak with the 100 million fearing Vijay. Her eyes are open when she is trapped by Deepak but Vijay manages to reach in the nick of time and destroy Deepak alias Prakash Yogi and saves Tina.

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Vijay ChouhanZayed Khan
Prakash YogiZayed Khan
Vishal MalhotraZayed Khan
Tina KhannaEsha Deol
OmGulshan Grover
SheenaRakhi Sawant
ChingarVijay Raaz
Deepak ChopraSalil Ankola
Mahesh YogiSalil Ankola
CocoParth Dave
TonySham Kaushal
Riya (Coco's Mother)Tanushree Kaushal


DirectorSangeeth Sivan
WriterVenita Coelho
WriterSanjay Masoomm
WriterVibha Singh
ProducerVivek Singhania
ComposerDhrubajyoti Phukan
ComposerHimesh Reshammiya
EditorShirish Kunder


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English | Hindi

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