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Das Glück am anderen Ende der Welt

  • Drama
  • Romance
  • 2007
  • Dietmar Klein
  • 180 mins


Part1: Hanna Westphal is a successful manager at a large dairy company in Berlin. On behalf of her company, Hanna, who lives separately from her husband Stefan, travels to New Zealand with her two younger daughters Mara and Antonia. There she is supposed to handle the takeover of an organic cheese dairy. At the same time, Hanna wants to use the trip to pick up her eldest daughter Judith, who has completed a year-long internship on a sheep farm. However, the completely surprised Hanna learns very quickly that Judith has no intention of returning to Germany despite her university place and good career prospects. She fell in love with Jan, the son of the sheep farmer Wolf Holländer. The young Parr wants to get married soon and build a future together in New Zealand. Father Stefan has already agreed to come to the wedding. After the initial shock over this news has been digested, Hanna gradually begins to get used to the idea that her daughter wants to realize her dream of happiness in the middle of the New Zealand province. During the wedding preparations, Hanna gets to know the withdrawn wolf better - and a timid love gradually develops between the metropolitan career woman and the nature-loving farmer. But Hanna has to return to Berlin after the wedding celebration. She is all the happier when she is commissioned to travel to New Zealand again. Then she got the news that Judith had died in a car accident - a stroke of fate that destroys Hanna's dreams of a new happiness with Wolf at the "other end of the world". Part 2: After Judith died in a tragic car accident Hanna travels back to New Zealand with her two younger daughters Mara and Antonia and her husband Stefan to say goodbye to her daughter. Mara finds consolation and support from the young Maori Steve. Hanna, however, makes Judith's husband Jan in her grief responsible for the death of their daughter - although he is not to blame for the accident and threatens to break down from the loss of his beloved wife. But then Hanna seems to find a way to come to terms with her daughter's death - by making her dream of a flourishing organic cheese dairy in New Zealand a reality. While her daughters are returning to Germany, Hanna is working out a very promising business concept together with the cheese dairy operator Eileen. Despite this success, the tragic blow of fate seems to have driven a wedge between Hanna and Wolf. The lightheartedness of their young love threatens to give way to a mixture of unspoken reproaches and distrust. Eventually Hanna realizes that she should return to Germany to help her two daughters, who have not yet got over the death of their sister. When she arrived in Berlin, she had to realize that she was no longer really at home here either: her employer had given her notice; Stefan is busy with Jennifer, his new wife, and their newborn baby; Mara decides to go to Steve in New Zealand; and the grieving Antonia turns away from her mother, disappointed, because she feels abandoned by her. But then one day Wolf stands at Hanna's door.

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Hanna WestphalMaja Maranow
Wolf HolländerHeiner Lauterbach
Stefan WestphalMichael Greiling
Werner SommerBernhard Schir
Jan HolländerFranz Dinda
Mara WestphalKaroline Teska
Judith WestphalDiane Willems
Antonia WestphalRoxanne Borski
Eileen BurrowClaudia Messner
Jennifer HoffmannBirgit Stauber


DirectorDietmar Klein
WriterRodica Döhnert
ProducerNico Hofmann
ProducerSascha Schwingel
ComposerJens Langbein
ComposerRobert Schulte-Hemming
EditorSusanne Peuscher
Production designerLars Lange



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