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For the Last Edition

  • Drama
  • 1914
  • Fred Kelsey


Bess Landers secures a job as special writer on a daily paper and meets there Robert Harry, a young reporter, who is not very successful. They become acquainted and finally fall in love. Barry is ordered to dig up a story on a local strike situation, the true details of which are being withheld by the big firm of grain men responsible. He is unable to get any news and fears for his job, and tells Bess about it. While the latter is at lunch, she overhears an office boy from the grain firm's office telling another boy that he and the entire office staff have been sent away for the afternoon because his boss is going to have a meeting regarding "sending for the soldiers on account of the strike," etc. Bess tells Bob of the tip and they go together to the office. A guard is on duty to prevent anyone entering and Bob starts a disturbance that draws him away long enough for Bess to slip in and hide in a closet. From her hiding place she learns of a plot to have two private detectives (in the employ of the firm) blow up a fright car containing grain, claim that the strikers did it and thus have legal cause for calling out the troops on the grounds that the strikers precipitated the first violence. Bess is locked in after she secures her evidence and the guard discovers her, but she eludes him by sliding down a fire hose which she unwinds and throws out a window, gets her tip to Bob, who hurries back to the office to start his "beat." Bess gets the police and they catch the two detectives red-handed as they blow up the freight car. She hands her final evidence over to Bob and a great big story secures Bob a raise and the two marry.

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Robert BarryBob Burns
Bess LandersIrene Hunt


DirectorFred Kelsey


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