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The Factory Girl

  • Drama
  • 1909


Scene I: Mabel and her old father, the factory workers. Scene II: The Foreman annoys Mabel. It is 7 o'clock in the morning. The last whistle has just blown and in a few moments the silent mill will awaken with the roar of many whirling looms not to cease its noise until the final 6 o'clock whistle releases its tired workers from their day's labor. Outside the entrance to one of the loom rooms stands the foreman checking off the workers as they arrive. Here they come, boys and girls, young and old, all prepared for a hard and strenuous day's work. Here comes the old father. He greets the foreman. Last of all comes Mabel, for she hates to go from the bright spring sunshine into the stuffy loom room. The foreman follows her with greedy eye. He calls her back and attempts to arrange a meeting. She indignantly repulses him and enters the door. The foreman turns with a muttered curse. The mill owner and his son drive up and after passing a word of greeting to the foreman enter the mill. The foreman, left alone, stands scowling over the repulse he has received. Scene III: Ned, the mill owner's son, and his scheming cousin. Out on the lawn of his home we find the mill owner enjoying the delightful weather. A glance at his watch reminds him of a forgotten business engagement and he calls for his coat and hat. It is brought by his niece, a member of the household. A woman of unlimited ambition from the day she first entered his family, she has been scheming to marry Ned, his son, and thus enjoy his wealth. Scene IVL Noon hour at the mill, the insult, Ned interferes. It is noon hour at the mill. Mabel, in her desire to escape from the noise of the mill has taken her lunch basket to a quiet little nook in the woods behind the mill. Seating herself on an old log she carefully spreads out her lunch and opening her book prepares to enjoy a few of its fascinating pages. Through the bushes comes the foreman. He has not forgotten her repulse of his advances and observing her habit of coming to this secluded spot has followed her here. He creeps to her and has his arms around her before she is aware of his presence. Exerting all her strength she manages to escape for a moment. The foreman seizes her again while she screams with fright, but help is at hand. Ned, the mill owner's son, has heard her cry and rushes up. Without a moment's hesitation he seizes the cowardly foreman and hurls him into the bushes. Scene V: The mill owner's son falls in love with Mabel the mill girl. Scene VI: Ned's cousin puts up a plot with the foreman. Scene VII: They steal Mabel's dress to get her in trouble. Scene VIII: The plotters at work. And now the foreman has succeeded in arranging matters so that his part of the plot will be successful. In front of one of his several plants we find the mill owner's horse and buggy waiting. Out of the office comes his cashier with a bag containing money for the weekly pay roll at the mills and with him is the foreman. The mill owner cautions them to be careful and after assuring him all will be safe they drive away, the bag containing the money safely beneath their feet. Now we see them coming along the road and across the bridge that spans the little stream which furnishes the mills with water. The cashier is urging the horse forward, for he is anxious to arrive at the mill and turn the money over to the paymaster. Scene IX: The robbery. Scene X: Mabel falsely accused, jumps into the pond and is rescued by Ned; the plotters foiled. The next day, Mabel unconscious of all that has happened is idly fishing in the little stream near their cottage. Up behind her comes Ned for he knows she is waiting for him. After an affectionate greeting they begin planning their future. Suddenly on the bank back of them appears the cashier, the foreman and the sheriff. The cashier points out Mabel and tells the sheriff there is the thief. Crazed for the moment by the astounding accusation, Mabel rushes past them and leaps into the stream. Scarcely has she sunk below the surface before Ned, knowing the treacherous nature of the waters and that Mabel cannot swim, leaps in after her. In a moment he is beside her and soon brings her safely to the shore. Just as they are lifting her from the water her old father arrives with the mill owner and dragging between them the wretched niece. The old father after recovering from the blow she gave him has gone to the mill owner with the story. The shrewd mill owner soon guesses the real state of affairs and after a night's search has succeeded in finding his niece and getting a confession from her. The foreman, not knowing their plot is discovered, orders the sheriff to make his arrest. But the old father tells the sheriff who is the real thief and the niece reveals the foreman's share in the robbery. They are led away by the sheriff. The mill owner, after congratulating Ned on his bravery, places Mabel in his arms and turning to the old father tells him how proud he is that his son has been able to win for a wife a girl as noble and pure as Mabel.

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