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The Seven Deadly Sins

  • Drama
  • 1952
  • Eduardo De Filippo
  • 155 mins
  • X


A French/Italian co-production with two episodes from Italy and five from France covering the seven deadly sins---actually eight as two of the sins are covered in one episode while a new "eighth unknown sin" has an episode of its own. Gerald Philipe is a wry, flip carnival barker who introduces each episode and then narrates the last episode dealing with the "eighth unknown sin" which is the sin of thinking evil where none exists. The first Italian contribution is "Avarice and Anger" concerning a well-to-do real estate agent and his frowzy wife, both uncompromisingly selfish in love and economics; the second Italian entry, "Envy", directed by Roberto Rossellini, from a story by Colette, is a glimpse into the newly-married life of an aging artist and his young wife, whom he treats as a chattel and she, consumed by the envy of his talent, friends and even his cat, tries to do away with the cat; "Pride" is about a couple of down-at-the-heels aristocrats trying to keep up pretenses in the face of utter poverty; "Lust" shows the devastating effects of careless adult behavior on an impressionable child; "Sloth" shows the powers above deciding that life on earth is moving at a too-fast pace and they send an emissary to slow things down, while "Gluttony" is a burlesque piece that the reviewers of the day called in bad taste.

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A star rating of 3 out of 5.

Gerard Philipe introduces each of these tales with more charm than they really merit. The main interest in these modern parables - five of them in French and two in Italian - is how much they reveal about the attitude to sex in the early 1950s. Inevitably there are a few duds in the collection, with the best being Roberto Rossellini's "Envy", based on a story by Colette, about a woman becoming more attached to her cat than her husband. Yves Allégret's "Lust" effectively reveals the difference between puppy and adult love, and Carlo Rim's "Gluttony" tells how a piece of cheese comes between a man and a woman.

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EduardoEduardo De Filippo
Mme AlvaroIsa Miranda
AlvaroPaolo Stoppa
LazinessJacqueline Plessis
The FrenchmanLouis de Funes
RavilaFrank Villard
ChantelFrancette Vernillat
Master of CeremoniesGérard Philipe
The DirectorNoël-Noël
Anne-MarieMichèle Morgan


DirectorEduardo De Filippo
DirectorJean Dréville
DirectorYves Allégret
DirectorRoberto Rossellini
DirectorCarlo Rim
DirectorClaude Autant-Lara
DirectorGeorges Lacombe


Theatrical distributor
International Film Dist Ltd
Italian | French
Black and white
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