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The Insurance Swindlers

  • Drama
  • 1916


The insurance companies, organized in one mighty trust, have been using the policy holders' money to speculate with. Tom Larnigan has announced that he will investigate and proceed against the trust. Stone has an article inserted in a trust newspaper denying the charge of irregularity in the use of insurance funds, and inviting an inspection of the books, business and vaults of the Providential Insurance Company. Maxwell is the president of this concern, as well as being president of the trust, therefore, when he reads the article he is much disturbed, as he explains to Stone, the business at that time will not bear inspection. Stone assures him that everything will work out right. The pick of Dunn's gunmen have been stationed at different points where Tom will be obliged to pass. This is the most desperate plan that Stone has resorted to. Tom has his suspicions aroused by seeing a couple of crooks outside the hotel where Ben Travers is staying. Tom changes places with a jitney bus driver and gets in the hotel, where he finds that Travers has purchased the Independent, to aid Tom in his fight. Tom leaves the hotel in the jumper and cap of one of the porters, jostles a policeman and is taken to the station where he reveals his identity and borrows a policeman's uniform. (His position as special examiner allows him to do this.) He proceeds to the Providential Insurance Company's office unrecognized. Once inside he demands to see the hooks. Barnett, the manager, allows him to proceed with the investigation, meanwhile phoning to Maxwell for instructions. The latter, prompted by Stone, tells Barnett to have the vault door accidentally closed when Tom is inside; it is equipped with a time lock. The plan is carried out and Tom is locked in the vault. Experts are summoned and after several hours' work the vault is opened. Tom has been slowly suffocating; he falls heavily, striking the back of his head on a sharp projecting handle of a safe box. He is rendered unconscious and the injury at the base of the skull causes suspended animation. The doctor who is on hand when the vault is opened pronounces him dead. The body is turned over to the heartbroken mother. Bruce, just able to be about, has called on Dorothy and is about to propose when the news of Tom's death is received. While Tom's body is stretched in the coffin his astral body appears to the members of his family and friends, urging them to bind his neck in a certain way that consciousness may return to him. All get the suggestion in a vague way, but none of them get it strong enough to act upon. Maxwell is suffering from an accusing conscience, which is intensified when Tom's actual body appears to accuse him. He does not see Tom but feels his presence. To relieve his mental strain, he writes a full confession of the graft in the insurance game, puts it in an envelope and sends it by messenger to the Larnigan cottage, with instructions to deliver personally only to Tom Larnigan, failing to do this, to return it. Kitty Rockwell has called at the cottage and gets Tom's suggestion strong enough to act on it. She twists his head and he recovers. The joy of family and friends can be imagined. About this time Maxwell's messenger arrives with the confession. Tom receives it and hurries at once to the directors' room of the insurance companies, where a meeting is in progress. He tells them of the reforms that must be made. Surprised at the knowledge of their affairs, they summon Maxwell. The latter enters the room and sees Tom with his confession. The combination is too much for his nerves and he collapses. He suffers a stroke of paralysis. The reforms are promised. Bruce has called at the Maxwell home to urge Dorothy to marry him. Maxwell is brought in helpless. Dorothy sees that a union between her and Bruce would be impossible, and in sorrow she bids him goodbye. Tom adds the name of "Roger Maxwell, helpless" to his book.

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Tom LarniganHarry Carey
Dorothy MaxwellJane Novak
Bruce LarniganHobart Henley
Mrs. LarniganNanine Wright
Stanford StoneGlen White
Roger MaxwellMark Fenton
Kitty RoxfordMina Cunard
Ben TraversJack Connolly


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