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The Latest in Garters

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • 1910


Trixie Sweet, a pretty society miss, receives a letter and a parcel from an old-time chum in gay Paree. The parcel contains a new style of garter, "the bell garter," and the letter states that in Paris, as we have expressed above, it is "all the noise." Trixie tries them on. Then to the tinkling of the many little bells, she dances about the room. Unmindful of the consequences, Trixie resolves to wear the garters on a little trip down the street. She has not gone far before she has quite a following of curious masculines and is finally forced to seek shelter and hiding in a doorway until the mob has passed by. A trifle frightened, Trixie hurries back home and is joined shortly by her chum. They have great fun with the garters and finally the chum suggests that they give a little party, and, in inducing the lady guests to wear the new garters, thus popularize them. The day of the party arrives and the lady guests are induced to slip on the garters. Finally all flock to the ballroom, find their partners, and glide into a dreamy waltz. The tinkling of the bells immediately arouses the curiosity of the men, who finally locate the mysterious tinkling. The girls are enjoying the fun immensely, and the boys get together and discuss ways and means of getting glimpses of the new garters. One of them gets an idea and hurries out of the room, after instructing the rest to keep the girls busy. The girls are seated in a semi-circle playing that exciting game for "Simon-Says-Thumbs-Up," when the other fellow returns with a mouse-trap, containing two or three live mice, which are shaken out of the trap at the girls' feet. Screams of silence! The ladies all scramble upon the chairs and pull their skirts up and tight around them, exposing of course those wonderful "bell garters."

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