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Pawns of Mars

  • Drama
  • War
  • 1915
  • Theodore Marston


Conducting experiments with a new explosive of tremendous power, Dr. Lefone, a celebrated chemist, receives a visit from Rizo Turbal, secretly acting as spy for the emperor of a foreign country. Lefone's friend, John Temple, is experimenting with a discovery he has made of a new wireless wave, with which he expects to explode bombs at long range. The Secretary of War becomes interested in Lefone, and as a war crisis is at hand, preparations are made for a practical demonstration of Lefone's new explosive as soon as it is ready. During the chemist's absence Florence wanders into the laboratory and upsetting some chemicals, an explosion takes place which blinds her. Lefone is heartbroken and only his daughter's entreaties induce him to carry on the work. The experiment completed, Lefone makes up several bombs, each the size of a pigeon's egg, and taking two of them, starts for the secret meeting place. Rizo and another spy witness the tests from in hiding and are amazed at the fearful destructive power of the little bombs. Rizo rushes back to Lefone's laboratory and because of Florence's blindness, manages to steal the remaining bombs, delivering them in triumph to his emperor. The Secretary of War then sends for John and by his order the wireless apparatus, now completed, is set up near the probable field of battle. Rizo, by the emperor's orders, mounts into an aeroplane and soars up into the sky toward the Secretary of War's camp. He drops one of the bombs on an armored motor truck and blows it to atoms, but John gets his apparatus working just as Rizo drops bombs onto a large body of infantry. On coming in contact with the wireless rays the missiles explode harmlessly in mid-air. Finally John gets the range of the aeroplane itself, and the machine, with its occupants, is literally torn to bits when the rays strike the remaining bombs. The danger over, John takes his blind sweetheart in his arms, saddened at the realization that they are but the Pawns of Mars.

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Dr. Lefone - a ChemistCharles Kent
Mrs. Florence LefoneDorothy Kelly
John - Florence's BrotherJames Morrison
Rizo Turbal - the SpyGeorge Cooper


DirectorTheodore Marston
WriterDonald I. Buchanan


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