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  • Crime/detective
  • Drama
  • 2009
  • Reuel Kim
  • 27 mins


An FBI SWAT Team storms a halfway house to save a group of girls from human traffickers. Arriving moments too late, the traffickers having shot all the girls, lead FBI Agents Henry Joh and Pete Garrison enter a gruesome scene of senseless carnage. Their efforts to bust the human trafficking ring fail, but one critically wounded girl survives and she may be the key to bringing in the bad guys. Assistant FBI Director, Frank Steiner, orders Pete Garrison to launch a full-scale search for the human traffickers and sends Henry Joh to the hospital to pump the surviving girl for information. Henry and Pete lament their failure to catch the bad guys in a local pub. Pete tells Henry he takes his job too seriously, that he's suffering from a super hero's complex, and that being an FBI agent is just a job. Pete mentions the trafficked girls were Korean, and when Henry questions that he thought they were Chinese, Pete says he got the information from the ERT guys. Henry goes to the hospital and a doctor informs him the surviving girl, Jane Doe, is in a coma and shows signs of sexual abuse. When Henry checks on Jane Doe, the attending nurse, Bernice Williams, tries to get Henry to talk and read to the girl. The next morning, during a meeting between Henry Joh and Frank Steiner, Henry suggests there is a mole informing the human traffickers about the FBI's next moves. Frank Steiner will have none of Henry's conspiracy theories, but as they discuss the victim's nationalities, a thought occurs to Henry. Bolting from the meeting and racing to the hospital, he discovers his partner, Pete, preparing to pump a lethal injection in to Jane Doe's IV. With Pete in the cross hairs of Henry's gun, Pete pleads with his partner to walk out and let he girl die. He reveals he's been an informant for the human traffickers and that they're threatening to kill his wife and girls if he doesn't get rid of Jane Doe. Henry demands that Pete stand down and that they'll figure out a way to save his family. Pete appears to agree, lowering the syringe, but as Henry lowers his gun, Pete draws his firearm and Henry instinctively shoots him. Later that evening, Henry medicates himself with liquor at the pub torn over his decision to take the life of his partner in exchange for the life of an innocent girl. Frank arrives and congratulates Henry on his actions and offers him both a vacation and promotion. He informs him that Pete's phone logs and computer files are helping them track down the human traffickers. Henry wants to know what will happen to Jane Doe, and when Frank begins to explain that the government can't keep footing the bill for the girl indefinitely, Henry explodes at his bosses' selfishness. Henry attends to Jane Doe at the hospital, and Bernice Williams offers her wisdom that Henry did the right thing and that everything is in God's hands. While sitting with Jane, Henry begs for her forgiveness while reliving the childhood loss of his sister, and expresses his sorrow for them both. Time passes as Henry holds vigil at the hospital, and one night Bernice rouses Henry from his sleep telling him Jane has come out of her coma. The doctor explains to Henry that Jane has partial amnesia, having lost the memory of the events leading up to her abduction and enslavement, and that she probably won't be helpful to his investigation. Henry enters Jane's room, introducing himself as she thanks him, and they begin a healing conversation.

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Henry JohJun Kim
Pete GarrisonVal Lauren
Frank SteinerTrip Hope
Bernice WilliamsMarian Michaels
DoctorJames Jeffery Caldwell
Jane DoeArden Cho
BartenderBrian Lally
Hospital Police OfficerBob Gebert
FBI SWAT Leader #1Ben Chang
FBI SWAT Leader #2Phillip Fife


DirectorReuel Kim
WriterSun Kim
Production designerJohnny Byul Lee


English | Korean

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