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Run for Your Wife

  • Comedy
  • 2013
  • Ray Cooney
  • 93 mins
  • 12A


John Smith (Danny Dyer) has been happily involved in a bigamous marriage for five years. He lives with Stephanie (Sarah Harding) in Finsbury and Michelle (Denise Van Outen) in Stockwell. Fortunately, for John, he's a taxi driver which involves varying shift work. Simple? Well, when John unwittingly becomes a have-a-go hero and the Finsbury and Stockwell Police forces discover something suspicious in their paperwork, John's happy bubble is about to be burst. The action of the movie takes place during the next hectic twenty-four hours as John, with the assistance of his gullible neighbor Gary Gardner (Neil Morrissey), rush between North and South London attempting to thwart the Police and prevent the two loving wives from coming face to face.

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A star rating of 2 out of 5.

Ray Cooney's "adult comedy" about a bigamous cabbie was a huge stage hit back in the 1980s. With options not taken up to adapt the play in the intervening years, Cooney has decided to co-direct a version himself. The obvious question to ask is why. Because, like the Carry Ons, this frantic farce is of its type and time. Unfortunately, there's no irony or retro self-awareness about this adaptation, which is played as if the last 30 years simply haven't happened. Danny Dyer stars as the two-timing taxi driver whose double life begins to unravel when he acts the hero one night, and Denise Van Outen and Sarah Harding play his oblivious wives. In support is a veritable who's-who (and often who's-that?) of ageing British stage and screen stars, from Rolf Harris and Judi Dench to Russ Abbot and June Whitfield. Dyer is a ball of energy in the lead and playing spot-the-celeb provides mild amusement. But, essentially, this is one for nostalgia lovers, who rue the passing of simpler, cornier and less-PC times.

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John SmithDanny Dyer
Michelle SmithDenise Van Outen
Stephanie SmithSarah Harding
Gary GardnerNeil Morrissey
Bobby FranklinChristopher Biggins
CyrilLionel Blair
Dick HollandJeffrey Holland
BuskerBarry Cryer
Bag ladyJudi Dench
BuskerCliff Richard
BuskerRolf Harris
DS TroughtonBen Cartwright
DS PorterhouseNicholas Le Prevost
PC PulfordDerek Griffiths


DirectorRay Cooney
DirectorJohn Luton


Theatrical distributor
Ball Park Films
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