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In the Ranks

  • Drama
  • Western
  • 1913
  • Francis Ford


Sgt. Allen and Hazel Story, the Colonel's daughter, had little opportunity to meet, and exchange love notes by depositing them in the breeching of a cannon. An insistent admirer was Lieut. Darrow, who was favored by her father. Matters reached a crisis when her father insisted that she marry the Lieutenant, and she secretly married Allen. A couple of soldiers who had been disciplined by the sergeant saw him meet Hazel and followed them, and peeping into the office of the magistrate saw the knot tied. They lost no time in telling the Lieutenant, who, inwardly raging, communicated the fact to the Colonel. Hazel confessed her marriage, and her indignant father was in a quandary when a scout rushed in and brought news of an Indian uprising, stating that the redskins were frenzied and were holding a big war dance. The Colonel decides to send someone into the Indian country to watch their movements, and the Lieutenant suggests that they send Sgt. Allen. Allen is commissioned, and Lieut. Darrow drives a nail in the foot of Allen's horse so he will go lame in a few hours. To further insure Allen's death, he bribes the two surly soldiers to follow him and attack him. Hazel overhears the instructions and hastily leaving a note for her father, reading, "You have sent him to his death. I have gone with him," she leaps on a horse and follows Allen. Allen's horse has just gone lame when Hazel comes galloping up. She informs him of the plot, and he goes to the top of a hill and watches. In the meantime the Indians have gone forth, and intercept the soldiers who are shot from their saddles. The Colonel finds the note from Hazel and sends the troops out. The Indians are engaged in a desperate battle, and the bodies of the soldiers are found, and Allen and Hazel are believed to have been killed. Allen however decides not to return, and builds himself a cabin in the woods, where he becomes a trapper. An Indian falls into his bear trap one day and Allen pulls him out and feeds him, for which the redskin is grateful. The Indians await their opportunity to gain revenge for the beating they received, and one day make a sudden attack on pioneers and emigrants. The friendly Indian tries to persuade Hazel to flee, but she refuses to go without Allen, who is hunting in the woods. In a desperate effort to save her the Indian forcibly lifts her from the cabin and throws her, fainting, across his horse. As he gallops away Allen comes up and thinking Hazel is being stolen he brings the Indian down with his rifle. To save the fort he sends Hazel to warn the Colonel, and she gallops off at breakneck speed, while he goes toward the next fort for assistance. As Hazel dashes into the fort her father is nearly overcome with surprise and joy. Quick preparations are made to repel the redskins, who attack in countless numbers. The battle rages hour after hour, and the garrison, with its ranks decimated and its supply of ammunition about exhausted, is in a perilous predicament when Allen, at the head of the reinforcements, charges upon the Indians, and in a whirlwind fight defeats them. During the conflict Lieut. Darrow has been mortally wounded, and he expires. For his heroism the Colonel secures promotion for Allen to a lieutenancy, and welcomes his new son-in-law with a glad heart.

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Sgt. AllenFrancis Ford
Hazel Story - the Colonel's DaughterWinnie Baldwin
Col. StoryRobert Stanton
Lt. DarrowJ. Barney Sherry
Lt. ColeRay Myers


DirectorFrancis Ford
WriterJack Cunningham
ProducerThomas H. Ince


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