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That Doggone Dog

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • 1910


Willie is sent to the butcher to buy some dog meat for his father's pet mastiff. Two blocks away he came upon a crowd of excited urchins and stopped to whet his curiosity. It developed that a crap game was in progress, the youngsters eagerly trying to win marbles, and other trinkets from each other. Remembering his father's admonition to "hurry back" Willie bravely marched on to the butcher shop and made his purchase, the butcher reminding him that the meat was not intended for human consumption, but dogs only. Returning by the same street, Willie forgets his good intentions for a few moments before and stops to watch the game which is still in progress. His interest waxes stronger and stronger until her finally takes a hand himself, depositing his package of meat on a nearby hydrant. A hungry tramp, attracted by the confusion happens by and scents the meat. Cautiously he steals away with the package and uses a tramp's ingenuity to prepare a hasty meal. Our knight of the road soon begins to cut capers under the influence of his canine diet. Through the streets he ran on all fours, whining and yelping like a dog. Pandemonium breaks loose and the town turns out en masse to capture this strange freak of humanity. Luckily, the dog catcher hoves in sight and is immediately pressed into service. With the aid of his net a capture is effected and our dog-man is hustled off in the dog catcher's wagon.

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