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  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • 1915
  • Allen Curtis


Among the various freaks of the side show are the strong man, Herculo, and the beautiful Circassian maid, Yum Yum. Herculo showers his attentions on Yum Yum, and she, greatly admiring his handsome figure, accepts his ardent wooing. Their spooning during business hours, however, conflicts with the notions of the show manager. He is forced to give strict orders for the regulation of their conduct in public. Now, Hamus, a broken-down actor, whose acting days are plainly all over, arrives via the railroad ties with his grip. He is awfully hungry. Spotting the mess tent of the side show, he tries to steal a handout, but is discovered by the irritated chef. Poor Hamus is roughly handled until the manager, arriving to straighten matters out, sees how skinny Hamus is. He immediately recognizes Hamus' value as a living skeleton, if added to his collection of freaks, and makes a proposition. Yum Yum, attracted by pity for poor Hamus, urges him to accept, so they shake hands on it. Yum Yum's actions arouse fierce jealousy in Herculo. But these actions of his only cause the Circassian maid to turn all her attentions to Hamus and Hamus, in his seventh heaven, reciprocates. Then Herculo, enraged, starts a riot, in which he decidedly gets the worst of it, and which the manager has a hard time quelling. Finally Herculo, recognizing that he must use other tactics to win back the heart of Yum Yum, places a photo of a woman inscribed "Your loving wife" among the effects of Hamus. Yum Yum finds the photo, and sure that Hamus is false, throws him over and returns to the exultant Herculo again. Humas' protests of innocence are useless. He pines away at a great rate, becoming thinner every day. The manager sees this and doubles his salary, making the other freaks sore. Then a woman with ten children come to see the show. It is the woman of the fatal photo. She sees Herculo and recognizes him as her long lost husband. The kids clamor about him yelling "Papa." Yum Yum, in disgust, collapses in the arms of the happy Hamus.

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HerculoMax Asher
Yum Yum - the Circassian MaidGale Henry
Hamus - the Human SkeletonMilburn Morante
The Show ManagerBilly Franey
The Snake CharmerLillian Peacock
The ChiefArthur Moon


DirectorAllen Curtis
WriterClarence G. Badger


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