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True You

  • Family
  • Drama
  • 2020
  • Henderson Maddox


Alaina Hill, a rising star at Atlanta based Stillworth Pharmaceuticals, makers of the recently FDA approved drug Tru-U, makes a discovery that will save the company millions. However, Alaina learns that Stillworth Pharmaceuticals plans to give someone else the credit for her work. Frustrated but trusting God, she changes her focus and goes on a date with JJ, a PhD chemist and principal investigator for the Tru-U clinical trials. The evening ends when Cheryl, Alaina's mother, calls and is hysterical. Alaina's father Earl Worthman has died and a memorial service will be held the next day in his home town of Winder, Georgia. This is quite a surprise for Alaina who believed her father died before she was born. Beginning with her father's memorial service, the Worthman family reunion, and her first cousin Charmaine's wedding, Alaina is plunged into a whirlwind weekend and struggles to find her true self in this new reality. As a condition of Earl's will, Alaina and JJ have to make peace between their mothers and Aunt Delia, Earl's sister. In the 70s, the three women used to be in an up and coming girl-group called "Dazzle". The group broke up when Earl, the manager, was caught dating both Cheryl and Faye, JJ's mother. Alaina and JJ devise a plan to reunite the group by having them perform at Charmaine's reception. Alaina meets an interesting doctor, foils a secret wedding heist, and uncovers a pivotal truth from the past all while being electronically harassed by her boss. Dazzle decides to put the past behind them, after their performance, and starts making plans for a tour. After fulfilling Earl's condition, Alaina and JJ receive their inheritance; JJ becomes president of the Stillworth Pharmaceutical division and Alaina opens a legal foundation for those with little financial means.

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FayeDetra Bickerstaff
PreacherJonathan Blanchar
Officer HaskellSir Brodie
DarylLarry B. Carter II
Nurse RenaSherese Copeland
Hamilton StillColin J. Decker
Uncle BernieRonald Godfrey
Uncle BernieRonald Godfrey
CherylTasia Grant
RicoTrent L. Horn


DirectorHenderson Maddox
WriterAlthea McPhail
WriterJessica McPhail
ProducerJoAnna McPhail


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