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In the Wilderness

  • Drama
  • 1910


Simon Girty, an unsuccessful suitor for the hand of Mary Odel, visits the Indian camp and uses his efforts to bring about an uprising among the Indians as revenge and to further his own ends. In the little cabin of the trapper Daniel assures them there are no fears of the Indian outbreak, again, however, he has his own fears end determines to keep a watchful eye on the fearful redskins. By accident, the old trapper, who has won the confidence of the Indians, overhears Girty plot the uprising and hastens to give warning. In the meantime the two sisters have left the stockade and gone for a ride in the mountains. Daniel having joined the logging camp is ignorant of the impending danger. Mary and her sister enjoying a delightful ride on their favorite mounts, unmindful that Girty, the unwelcome suitor, has already kindled the flame of revolt and carnage. Girty stations his spies in riders' path and Mary, who is less fortunate than her younger sister, is taken captive. Daniel learns of the uprising and enlists the woodmen, who prepare for their defense and the recovery of the girl. Warning is sent broadcast and the faithful ones of the cause of humanity, together with their stock, seek refuge in the stockade and prepare to defend themselves against the Indians. Daniel, finding the trail of the scheming Girty, is in hot pursuit when about to be discovered conceals himself in a large tree to which Mary is afterwards tied and left under guard of the Indians. While they sleep Daniel effects a miraculous and perilous escape by swinging from the limits of the tree and releasing Mary, after which he draws her up into the tree for safety. The Indians awaking find their prey is gone and rush from the scene enraged because of the girl's escape. Daniel and Mary take this opportunity to seek safety in the stockade. Finding a stray unsaddled horse they mount it and ride for their lives, pursued by Girty and his followers. They reach the stockade in the nick of time and its loyal defenders repulse the desperate Girty and his redskins, completing one of the best Indian pictures ever produced by the master builder of western picture subjects.

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ProducerWilliam Nicholas Selig


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