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  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • 1910


A young reporter is informed that he can get a very good story for the Sunday edition of his paper by going to a certain water-front and getting evidence against some smugglers. He realizes that he will not he granted admission, and in order to fulfill his object he disguises himself as a convict, and upon his arrival discovers that the gang in question is led by a beautiful girl whose father had been killed while on a pirating cruise. The reporter, fearful lest he be apprehended and the story delayed for the edition, sends the manuscript by carrier pigeons, but is discovered by the girl, who immediately raises an outcry that brings the gang rushing to the spot. They capture him and put him into one of their storehouses. They contemplate doing away with him, and while they are discussing the best means of accomplishing their intention, the girl goes in and sees him sitting, dejected; it is the call of youth to youth, as of old, the ancient way of a maid and a man. She falls in love with him and decides to send one of the carrier pigeons to his office with news of his predicament, entreating the office force to send out a rescuing party. After, when he is at liberty again and is writing the story of the gruesome imprisonment and the rescue, he asks to know what accounted for his office associates understanding the need of assistance just at the crucial moment, and he discovers that the girl acquainted the office with the situation by sending one of her pigeons with the message. He goes to her and asks her to leave the ruffians and come home to him and peace. The eternal feminine in her, her innate independence, revolts at the suggestion, but she is finally dominated by the man and goes back with him to pure things and pure existence.

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ProducerCarl Laemmle


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