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Merely Players

  • Drama
  • 1915


The "King Dramatic Troupe," presenting tragic melodrama, meets with such meager and unappreciative audiences in the course of its tour through the middle west, that manager Wilbur King finds himself in desperate perplexity. As a last resort King conceives the idea of staging a sham hold-up and attempted abduction of his leading lady, Vaseline Limelight. King takes the editor of the village gazette into his confidence, and the editor, short for news, agrees to write up the thrilling scene in sensational style. The central figure of the highway kidnapping episode is to be Irving Mansfield, the tragedian of the company. The editor accompanies King to the road, and the two await the dramatic scene. Miss Limelight rides in garbed in true theatrical style and mounted on an unassuming charger. Mansfield halts her grandly at the point of his pistol and is about to carry her away when the unexpected happens. Harry Steadfast, who secretly adores the leading lady, and who has not been let in on the great publicity secret, happens along, and takes the abduction in dead earnest. He rushes in, rescues the lady, and gives the poor tragedian an awful pummeling. The editor refuses to print the story. The troupe retires in gloom. Darrow Darkwood, the villain, leaves immediately for New York. He plots to secure a booking for Miss Limelight at the Velasco theater, thus getting her into his power. After Darkwood's departure, the editor decides to print the story as it occurred, featuring Steadfast's blunder. He rallies the manager and the melancholy troupe with the suggestion that Steadfast be played up in print as Miss Limelight's real lover and suggests that if they would get married, he could print a story which would pack the little theater. Vaseline overcomes her objections to Steadfast because of the desperate position of the company, and marries him. Darkwood, in New York, succeeds in booking Miss Limelight for the Velasco theater. She proceeds thither with her husband in tow. Velasco assigns Steadfast a part too. To him he gives the role of a rescuer from the attentions of the villain, Darkwood. Steadfast becomes aware of Darkwood's attentions to his wife during rehearsals, and in the big scene chokes the villain so strenuously, that he nearly expires. This arouses latent love in the leading lady, and with Darkwood disposed of, the two live happily ever afterwards.

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Vaseline LimelightBillie West
Harold SteadfastCharles West
Darrow DarkwoodFrank Bennett
Irving MansfieldHoward Gaye
James VelascoHoward Gaye
Wilbur KingHarry Moody
Charles BensonWilbur Higby


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