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Sleep, Beautiful Sleep

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • 1915
  • Will Louis


Jonah Morpheus liked his bed, but it doesn't necessarily follow that he was insincere in his work, or in his attitude toward his employer. He wanted to get to the office on time mornings, but having no direct control over himself while asleep, could not seem to wake up. The effete method of tying a string to the great toe and having someone pull it was tried, but Jonah always managed to get back to sleep again a few minutes after the rude awakening. Peggy, the maid, finally gets him out. Down the banister he slides in his hurry, and when he strikes the post, bounces back to the top. Rushing out of the house, he strikes a man who resents the bump and hurls a brick at the fleeing Jonah. A man carrying some statuary stops the brick. Arriving at the office, Jonah is the target for a volley of abuse at the hands of his boss. After work, he goes and buys an alarm clock, the largest he can find. The following morning there is a veritable bedlam in the boarding house. The clock goes off merrily, awakening everyone within a radius of a mile. The boarders rush here and there in search of the disturber, Miss Sodastraw, who takes anti-thin medicine every hour, has an alarm clock also, and between the two the tenants of the block are driven almost insane. Boots and shoes start to fly and when Jonah finally gets up, he finds that he is minus a shoe. Peggy contrives another alarm. A number of dishes are placed in the transom, but when Peggy tips it, she tips the wrong way, and is inundated by the dishes. Off to the office Jonah goes with the long boot. He fills it with water and arranges it so that it drains into the boss's silk hat. Peggy has another idea. She ties a rope around his neck and pulls. When the rope become taut, Jonah dreams that he is about to be hanged. In one last attempt to be on time, Jonah ties a rope about his foot and tells a friend to pull the rope as he is passing by in the morning. The friend ties it to an express wagon, and Jonah is pulled out of a second story window, dragged along the street and down an embankment. He lands on a ditch just as a blast explodes. He is lifted into the air and after soaring serenely through the milky way, lands in his office on time.

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DirectorWill Louis
WriterAlice Williams


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