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The Insurance Agent

  • Drama
  • 1913
  • Arthur V. Johnson
  • U


Mr. and Mrs. Brandt and their son, Howard, have social aspirations. They take themselves very seriously. Howard's young wife, Lottie, is full of life and fun and to her the pomposity of the family is depressing. When the Dalys (social leaders of the suburb) sent out invitations to a reception, the Brandts refuse to attend and plan to get ahead by giving an entertainment of their own on the same evening. Lottie wants to go to the Daly affair because Morini, the great magician, is going to do tricks there. Her folks frown her down. Her husband refuses to escort her. She determines to find another escort, so when Johnson, an insurance agent, calls at her house, she promises to take some insurance in his company if he will escort her to the Daly's reception. Johnson isn't used to escorting ladies to "swell receptions," but agrees to Lottie's proposition. The insurance agent keeps his promise and on the evening of the reception calls for Lottie. She steals from the house and rides away with him. The maid, looking out of an upstairs window, sees the carriage drive off. She breaks up the Brandt reception with the startling announcement that Lottie has eloped with a strange man. Howard, his father and the maid rush into the street in an effort to overtake Lottie. Lottie and the agent arrive at the Daly's where Lottie introduces the agent as her brother from Chicago. He is ill at ease, but the idea strikes him that it's an excellent place to ply his trade. He tackles several of the guests. Mr. Daly questions Lottie and she confesses. Mr. Daly has a keen sense of humor. He sees a chance of playing a joke upon his guests. The agent is given the floor and told to "talk insurance." He does. He talks as he never talked before. The guests catch on and the joke works so well that the agent signs up everybody. Meantime, Lottie's husband has gotten the police searching for her. They find her and take her home. The family is furious, but Lottie doesn't care. In the midst of the row the agent rushes into the Brandt home and reminds Lottie that she hasn't signed that application yet. Lottie makes good. Her husband demands an explanation, but the agent turns his attention and wants him to take a policy too. They finally get rid of the agent, but that gentleman is well satisfied with his night's work for he signed up more new policy holders than any agent ever did in one day in the history of insurance.

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Johnson - the Insurance AgentArthur V. Johnson
Lottie BrandtLottie Briscoe
Howard BrandtHoward M. Mitchell
Mrs. Brandt - Howard's MotherClara Lambert
Mr. Brandt - Howard's FatherCharles Brandt


DirectorArthur V. Johnson
ProducerSiegmund Lubin


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