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The Latest Fashion in Skirts

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • 1910


Mrs. Kate Scroggins, one of the leaders of New Rochelle society, felt that it was incumbent on her to be in the fashion, and accordingly decided to order a hobble skirt. Naturally requiring to be as much up to date as possible she went to New York and obtained it from a Fifth Avenue dressmaker. Little did she realize that the more fashionable the modiste, the tighter the dress 'round the ankles. It arrived home in time for her to put it on before going to Nelly Miller's reception. It took her but a few seconds to ascertain that she could not take a step over three inches long in it. And when it came to descending the stairs the only practical thing to do was to jump each step with the feet kept close together. These were difficulties easily solved, but what was she to do when she stopped a passing trolley and found she could not step up, and Kate was no lightweight, either. There was nothing to do but to walk, and she set out to do so. We would like to tell you of her various mishaps, but it would spoil the film for you to know. We will confide to you that she had finally to rip the skirt and consequently return home, where she sent, womanlike, a message to her friend Nelly that a bad headache prevented her attending the reception.

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