Warm up your winter

Warm up your winter

By Paul Lewis

More than two million households will get £140 knocked off one winter electricity bill this winter. It’s called Warm Home Discount.

Most of those eligible will get it automatically, but some have to claim.

The discount comes with another huge benefit. From February, all those who qualified will also have the cost of their bills capped. Older people who get the guaranteed element of pension credit should receive the discount automatically. They’ll have an income below £159.35 a week if they’re single or £243.25 for a couple.

However, some of those with lower incomes than that may not get pension credit if savings are more than £10,000.

The qualifying date was 9 July 2017.

If you first got pension credit after that date, then you won’t qualify for the discount.

Not all energy suppliers give the Warm Home Discount. All the big ones do, but there are more than 20 smaller suppliers with fewer than 250,000 customers that do not.

If you’ve switched to one of those for a cheaper price, you’ll be excluded from the discount.

If you qualify, you should already have had a letter telling you about the discount. If you haven’t had this letter, then call the Warm Home Discount helpline on 0345 603 9439 to find out why.

Also eligible for the discount are: some older people with slightly higher incomes than these; people who have young children and get means-tested benefits; and disabled people who get disability benefits.

However, you have to claim it and the sooner you claim the better, as the money for this group is limited and may run out.

Contact your energy supplier and ask about Warm Home Discount. 

This year, claiming the Warm Home Discount is the key to getting your energy price capped from February 2018, saving on average £120 a year.

 All prepayment meter customers already have their price capped.

But for everyone who pays monthly or quarterly, getting the discount is even more useful than in previous years. For more information, visit gov.uk and search “warm home discount”.

For park (mobile) homes, visit charisgrants.com, click on “warm home discount” or phone 0330 380 1040.

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