Should you switch to a Smart Meter?

Should you switch to a Smart Meter?

By Paul Lewis

The Government has postponed the date when smart electricity and gas meters become truly smart.

The new version of smart meters — called SMETS2 — was due to be rolled out from 13 July this year.

But that has now been delayed by 12 weeks to 5 October. If you agree to have a smart meter before that date, it will almost certainly be an old SMETS1 meter.

They use the mobile phone network instead of a new dedicated communications system and, if you switch supplier, the meter will probably go dumb and may be hard to read.

So it’s sensible to say no to a smart meter until after 5 October when you can be sure it will be the new SMETS2 type, which will stay smart if you switch supplier.

Despite what some energy suppliers are saying, you cannot be forced to have a smart meter.

SMETS1 meters are due to be upgraded in late 2019.

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