Radio Times introduces AXA PPP healthcare to provide you with award winning healthcare cover. Plus receive a FREE £100 Marks and Spencer giftcard when you take out a plan today.*

At AXA PPP healthcare our Personal Health Plan offers you peace of mind that you'll be covered for new medical conditions that arise after you join. We support you in taking back control of your healthcare, tailoring each plan you your individual needs for less than you may think. 

Sign up today and benefit from:

  • Fast Track Appointments Service
  • 24/7 telephone access to medical professionals
  • Direct telephone support from Physiotherapists - without GP referral
  • Enhanced children's cover as standard
  • Access the latest licensed chemotherapy drugs on specialist referral - even if they aren't available on the NHS
  • Special offers for members, including half-price gym membership and health tests
  • £100 M&S gift card when you join*

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Clear and simple answers

What does private health insurance cover? >>

Private health insurance is designed to cover you for new medical conditions that arise after you join. Offering you prompt access to diagnosis and eligible treatment, meaning you are not reliant on NHS waiting lists.

At AXA PPP healthcare our Personal Health plan offers you the choice and convenience you need, when you need it.  Whatever your budget, there's a plan to suit you — we believe great health cover is for everyone.

What's covered by Personal Health from AXA PPP healthcare? >>

Personal Health is a modular plan including many health care benefits. You also have the choice to add up to six extra cover options.

Benefits of Personal Health include:

  • Heart and Cancer Care with support from our Dedicated Heart and Cancer Nurse telephone service
  • Enhanced family and children's cover
  • 24-hour telephone information and guidance from our nurses and counsellors with pharmacists and midwives available during the day.
  • Treatment at more than 250 hospitals listed in our Directory of Hospitals

Extra cover options available:

  • Out-patient cover
  • Therapies
  • Mental Health**
  • Extended Cover

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**Subject to your medical history

Can I cover pre-existing conditions? >>

Health insurance is designed to cover treatment of new medical conditions that begin after you join.

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Can I choose a specific consultant and hospital? >>

At AXA PPP healthcare we always recommend that you ask your GP for an open referral. That's a referral that doesn't name a specialist. With an open referral, you'll have a choice of specialist and our Fast Track Appointments team team will make an appointment for you.

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Can I buy cover for my family? >>

You can add family members to your cover, including babies, at any time.

You can normally add:

  • Your partner. It does not matter whether you are married, in a civil partnership, or living together permanently in a similar relationship.
  • Any of your children or your partner's children.

If you would like to add a new baby to your cover, you can normally do this from their date of birth, so long as you call within three months of their birth. At Axa PPP healthcare we will not normally need details of their medical history. Cover exclusions may apply to babies born after fertility treatment, or following assisted reproduction, or who you have adopted.

What if I already have health insurance? >>

If you already have health insurance and are looking to switch give us a call today to find out more. We can manage the paperwork for you and work with you to provide continuous cover, subject to your chosen plan. Give us a call today on 0800 023 2211 to start the process.

If you can answer a couple of questions about your health favourably, AXA PPP healthcare can cover you with no changes to your previous medical underwriting, subject to the terms and conditions of the new plan you choose.

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Why AXA PPP healthcare?

At AXA PPP healthcare we provide simple, award winning health insurance to give you the cover you want - taking care of you today and for tomorrow. We were founded by doctors and hospitals working together back in 1940 (before the NHS had formed) and we're still shaped by clinicians today. Helping you to get a better handle on your health, so you can make changes that help you live a healthier life.

Why choose AXA PPP healthcare?


Switching health insurance is easy


Fast Track Appointments

Named Best Direct Healthcare provider for the 7th year running in the Your Money Awards 2018

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