Colour your mind

Colour your mind

According to the 3,000-year-old Chinese tradition, the five fundamental elements of Feng Shui science – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – are inextricably linked to key colours. Introducing them into the design scheme of a room can foster certain energies and positively aid mental health. But remember, the golden rule of Feng Shui is yin and yang – creating balance with polar energies. So rather than cause explosive chaos by choking a room with wall-to-wall hot red, add breezy blue to the mix in order to cool down the sizzle and generate equilibrium.

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The five pillars of Feng Shui:

Element: Wood
Predominant colour: Green
Energy and properties: Stimulates personal growth, aids renewal and helps decision making. Also adds a calming aura to domestic dwellings. Plants with lush green foliage are a perfect way to introduce green into your interior scheme, but ensure to combine varying shades in order to benefit from the full Feng Shui factor.
Tip: The rejuvenating energy of green makes it a good choice for bathrooms.

Element: Fire
Predominant colour: Red
Energy and properties: Rouses action, courage and passion, and can increase heart rate and respiration. Used in moderation, it is also capable of inciting feelings of elation and counteracting depression. However, too much can over-stimulate the senses and evoke outbursts of anger and frenzy, so punctuate rather than saturate rooms with raging tones. Dilute the potential negative impact of red by introducing more pastel shades and tints, such as rose.
Tips: The racy power of red makes it perfect for bedrooms. It can also add spark to spaces designated to social interaction and entertaining, such as dining areas and living rooms.

Element: Earth
Predominant colour: Yellow
Energy and properties: Buttery and sandy shades of yellow equip a home with welcoming and enlivening energy. In addition to boosting personal self-esteem, yellow can also improve cognition – it is no coincidence that post-it notes are predominately golden.
Tips: The welcoming spirit of yellow makes it a good choice of colour to meet and greet guests in the entrance hall of your home. Adding it to a home office may help expand your brain power too.

Element: Metal
Predominant colours: White and grey
Energy and properties: White and grey enhance clarity and aid wisdom. They streamline space, support precision thinking, encourage measured caution and help generate a purity of focus.
Tip: White is a good choice for walls in any room that is cluttered or crammed with furniture – it will help declutter the space, and your mind.

Element: Water
Predominant colours: Blue and black
Energy and properties: Blue powers serenity, inner peace and personal contemplation. Soft hues, in such fabrics as soft silk in particular, can also aid health by calming and regulating rapid breathing and lowering blood pressure. Used sparingly, black drives strength, power and stability in the home.
Tips: The calming and restful powers of light blue makes it great for both bathrooms and children’s bedrooms. It is also known to curb appetite, so add a splash in your kitchen if you’re on a weight-loss mission.

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