Cough up your golden galleons: a ticket to see The Cursed Child could cost you over £8,000

You might have to be as rich as a Malfoy to see the new Harry Potter play


Didn’t get one of the 250,000 tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? Get your cloak and take the floo network to Gringotts – a seat could cost you £8,327 (or about 41,500 galleons for non-muggles, according to JK’s Rowling exchange rate).


No, this isn’t a boggart on the loose – many fans’ worst fears have actually come true. Reselling website Viagogo have attached that price to a stalls seat on March 3rd next year. And that’s just for part two. But don’t worry, the £8,327.19 price tag includes the £1,772.53 booking fee paid to Viagogo.

Producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender have cast their wandlight on the issue and have warned fans that those who buy their tickets from secondary ticketing websites could be turned away at the theatre’s door.

“The secondary ticket market is an industry-wide plague, and one which we as producers take very seriously,” they said in a statement to The Guardian. “Our priority is to protect all our customers and we are doing all we can to combat this issue.”

“We have already been able to identify, and refuse entry, to a significant number of people who purchased tickets through resale sites and will continue to track down touts and refuse entry to anyone who has knowingly bought a ticket from a tout through the secondary market.”


Lesson learned: you might have to wait a while to see the play if you fork out the official price of £140 (700 galleons, wizards), but you’ll definitely get in. No polyjuice potion needed.