Mike Leigh (1993)

18 Certificate


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Mike Leigh prowls new working-class territory (a million miles away from the sly humour of Abigail's Party) for this grim tale about a Mancunian misfit who turns up at his ex-girlfriend's London flat and proceeds to tell the naked truth about the city's uncaring society by lashing out unmercifully at everyone he meets. David Thewlis, in an award-winning portrayal, is outstanding as a deeply nasty 1990s version of Alfie, and Leigh's bravura mix of comedy, tragedy, violence and warmth marks this uncompromising exposé as British film-making at its finest.


An angry but highly intelligent Mancunian drifter flees his home city to avoid the family of a girl he raped. Seeking refuge with an old flame living in London, he takes to prowling the streets of the capital at night, antagonising or enthralling those he meets with his embittered personal philosophy and forcing them to question their existence. Mike Leigh's drama, starring David Thewlis and Lesley Sharp. Shown with an introduction by MIke Leigh.

Cast & Crew

Johnny David Thewlis
Louise Lesley Sharp
Sophie Katrin Cartlidge
Jeremy Greg Cruttwell
Sandra Claire Skinner
Brian Peter Wight
Archie Ewen Bremner
Maggie Susan Vidler
Woman in window Deborah Maclaren
Café girl Gina McKee
Masseuse Carolina Giammetto
Giselle Elizabeth Berrington
Poster man Darren Tunstall
Chauffeur Robert Putt
Victim Lynda Rooke
Car owner Angela Curran
Mr Halpern Peter Whitman
Woman in street Jo Abercrombie
Girl in Porsche Elaine Britten
Tea bar owner David Foxxe
Man at tea bar Mike Avenall
Man at tea bar Toby Jones
Bag lady Sandra Voe
Director Mike Leigh
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence, swearing, sex scenes, drug abuse and nudity. Available on: video