The Lady Eve

The Lady Eve

Preston Sturges (1941)

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This wonderfully witty masterpiece was written and directed by the inimitable Preston Sturges. The plot gives a couple of near career-best roles to two of Hollywood's finest, who are perfectly cast here. Henry Fonda plays a wealthy young man obsessed by snakes, who lays himself wide open to the schemes of professional con artist Charles Coburn and his daughter, Barbara Stanwyck. Fonda's buddy, William Demarest, intervenes, but Stanwyck, undeterred, later reappears in disguise at Fonda's palatial manse and tries again. Naturally, the slick, assured sexual opportunist falls for the gauche brewer's son who has spent a year up the Amazon, resulting in a sparkling combination of romance and screwball comedy that is still unequalled. There was a 1956 remake with Mitzi Gaynor and David Niven called The Birds and the Bees, but it didn't come within spitting distance of this great original.


Naive explorer Charles Pike returns from an expedition in the Amazon, and conwoman Jean Harrington is planning to seduce him to get her hands on his money, but instead she finds herself falling for her intended victim. Preston Sturges comedy, starring Henry Fonda, Barbara Stanwyck, Charles Coburn and Eugene Pallette.

Cast & Crew

Jean Harrington / Lady Eve Sidwich Barbara Stanwyck
Charles Poncefort Pike Henry Fonda
"Colonel" Harrington Charles Coburn
Mr Pike Eugene Pallette
Muggsy William Demarest
Sir Alfred McGlennan Keith / "Pearly" Eric Blore
Gerald Melville Cooper
Martha Martha O'Driscoll
Mrs Pike Janet Beecher
Burrows Robert Greig
Gertrude Dora Clement
Butler Wilson Benge
Director Preston Sturges
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: BFI DistributionAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 15 Feb 2019