Joseph L Mankiewicz (1963)

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Cleopatra remains one of the most expensive films ever made - around $40m at the time of production and considerably more when inflation is taken into account. So why did it cost so much? Well, starting filming in wintry England with Peter Finch, Stephen Boyd and director Rouben Mamoulian didn't help matters. Cranking up again in Rome - this time with Joseph L Mankiewicz shooting by day and writing by night - Elizabeth Taylor's frequent illnesses gave the accountants nightmares, even if her on-set romance with Richard Burton was a publicist's dream. The spectacle is the thing, yet, despite a multitude of screenwriters and sources, the film at least manages to make some sense of an extraordinary moment in history, as Rome expanded from republic to empire.


The famous Queen sets out to consolidate her power after gaining control of the Egyptian kingdom. She seduces Julius Caesar and bears him a son, but the ambitious would-be tyrant is assassinated before she can take her place at his side, paving the way for her love affair with general Mark Antony - and a war for control of the Roman empire. Historical epic, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Martin Landau, Rex Harrison, Hume Cronyn and George Cole.

Cast & Crew

Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor
Mark Antony Richard Burton
Julius Caesar Rex Harrison
High priestess Pamela Brown
Flavius George Cole (1)
Sosigenes Hume Cronyn
Apollodorus Cesare Danova
Brutus Kenneth Haigh
Agrippa Andrew Keir
Rufio Martin Landau
Octavian Roddy McDowall
Director Joseph L Mankiewicz
Director Rouben Mamoulian
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Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: MetrodomeAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 12 Jul 2013