A Hard Day's Night

A Hard Day's Night

Richard Lester (1964)

U Certificate


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At a time when Elvis and Cliff were still making old-style musicals, this forerunner of the modern music video smashed the mould. Satirising the endless round of banal inquisition, petty regulation and screaming adoration to which the Fab Four were subjected, this musical odyssey enabled them to mock authority and shirk duty without allowing such anti-establishment rebelliousness to detract from the working-class respectability of their "Mop Top" image. However, Richard Lester's film is not just a homage to Buster Keaton-style slapstick and Busby Berkeley spectacle; it's also a handbook of new-wave film techniques, from Federico Fellini and the nouvelle vague to Free Cinema and the Czech Film Miracle.


The Beatles, harassed by their manager and Paul's grandfather, embark on a train journey to London for a TV show, but find themselves dogged by all manner of problems, including the inevitable overexcited fans. Musical comedy, starring the Fab Four alongside Wilfrid Brambell, Victor Spinetti and Anna Quayle. Songs include Can't Buy Me Love, Don't Bother Me and the title track.

Cast & Crew

John John Lennon
Paul Paul McCartney
George George Harrison
Ringo Ringo Starr
Grandfather Wilfrid Brambell
Norm Norman Rossington
Shake John Junkin
TV director Victor Spinetti
Millie Anna Quayle
Police inspector Deryck Guyler
Man on train Richard Vernon
Hotel waiter Eddie Malin
TV floor manager Robin Ray
TV choreographer Lionel Blair
Simon Kenneth Haigh
Car thief John Bluthal
Jean Pattie Boyd
Seated fan with necktie Phil Collins
Man in crowd Brian Epstein
Dancer at disco Susan Hampshire
Adrian Julian Holloway
Actor David Langton
Tall dancer at disco Jeremy Lloyd
Leslie Jackson Derek Nimmo
Grandfather's girl at casino Margaret Nolan
Girl at disco Charlotte Rampling
Director Richard Lester
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: MetrodomeAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 4 Jul 2014
Comedy Music