Rising Damp

Rising Damp

Joseph McGrath (1980)

A Certificate


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Writer Eric Chappell's much-loved 1970s ITV sitcom about an interfering landlord and his permissive young tenants translates awkwardly to the big screen, necessarily sacrificing the drab claustrophobia that drove the series but spending far too much time away from the Victorian terrace in favour of a restaurant, rugby match and boxing gym. Star turns Leonard Rossiter and Frances de la Tour generate comic heat as hapless Rigsby and Miss Jones, the sophisticated object of his unrequited love, but despite some fine one-two gags (Miss Jones asks Rigsby if his ex-wife looked like Greer Garson; he says, "More like Walter Pidgeon"), their scenes together are overworked, and an hour and a half feels a lot longer than three TV episodes. Fantasy sequences (a bewigged rock 'n' roll number; a sultry tango) feel like padding, and the impish touch of Richard Beckinsale, who died in 1979 after the series ended, is sorely missed.


Seedy landlord Rigsby takes in a seemingly respectable new lodger who jeopardises his efforts to romance tenant Miss Jones - but the new arrival may not be all he appears. Meanwhile, the addition of a rugby playing art student to the house sparks a fitness craze that leads Rigsby to enter a boxing match. Comedy based on the 1970s sitcom, starring Leonard Rossiter, Frances de la Tour and Don Warrington.

Cast & Crew

Rigsby Leonard Rossiter
Miss Jones Frances de la Tour
Philip Don Warrington
John Christopher Strauli
Seymour Denholm Elliott
Sandra Carrie Jones
Cooper Glynn Edwards
Bert John Cater
Alec Derek Griffiths
Italian waiter Ronnie Brody
Director Joseph McGrath
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Cinema Arts (International) LtdGuidance: Contains nudity and some swearing. Available on: video and DVD